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Cherries on branch

We specifically chose this location for many reasons. For optimum fruit taste and texture, terrain and climate are very important. The orchard cascades down a south facing slope that allows the sunshine to gently warm the ground, preventing freezing of the delicate fruit in the spring. Warm air is filtered through the trees which is needed for an optimum crop.

We have a picnic area on the ranch open for personal use.


To adequately pollinate the cherry orchard, agriculturists recommend having 3 bee hives per acre. At the moment, Stagecoach Lane Ranch hosts 16 bee hives to gently pollinate the 3 acres of tender blossoms of the trees. Native honey is purported to be beneficial to those suffering from allergies. We will be offering our own private honey label in our store during regularly scheduled farm hours.

Stagecoach Lane Ranch will be offering cherries as well as the farm experience to its customers. The farm itself is the main attraction with sprawling fields, a picnic area, open skies and plenty of old-fashioned hospitality. Our family would like to offer a way for everyone to experience a "u-pick" cherry farm and enjoy the benefits of its bounty.

Senior and Physically Challenged Service

Stagecoach Lane Ranch wants to make it easier for our senior and physically challenged friends to pick our cherries. If you need special assistance, email us ahead or stop at the stand and we will arrange to get you as close as possible to the picking area.

Kids picking cheeries Adult and kids picking cherries

Orchard Rules

  1. No pets allowed in the orchard.
  2. Do not bring ice chests, coolers, backpacks, chairs or stools into the orchard.
  3. Pick from the ground only. No climbing in the trees, on buckets or pulling down branches. We love out trees! Help us take care of them!
  4. Pick cherries only. No stems or leaves, this may remove next year's fruit.
  5. Keep kids with you at all times - for their safety.
  6. Do not picnic or eat in the orchard.
  7. Please put all trash in trash containers throughout the orchard.
  8. No drugs, alcohol or cigarettes in the orchard.
  9. Only pick fruit you intend to buy.
  10. Enjoy your day and be sure to come back!
  11. We have 2.5 gallon buckets for picking and handled paper bags to take the cherries home in. The buckets hold approximately 11 pounds of cherries. Keep this in mind when you head to the checkout!

           Do                                              Don't

Orchard rules


NO DOGS are allowed in the orchard. Please do not bring your dogs to the Stagecoach Lane Ranch. The weather is too hot to leave them in the car and they are not allowed in the orchards - NO EXCEPTIONS.


Cherry orchard