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Cherries on branch

2024 Upick season is over

A BIG Thank you to everyone that came out to the ranch for the 2024 Upick cherry season.
What a wonderful time we all had visiting and seeing all the cherry faces this year.
We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer.

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Scott and Marie Hunter

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The Benfits of Cherries

Visiting the ranch is....

A unique experience participating and seeing how the land has grown and changed through the years.

Cherries on branchPile of cherries

About Us

Stagecoach Lane Ranch was purchased in 1948 by Stan & Peggy Worcester, who ran cattle and owned Stan's Saddle shop in Oroville, CA. We are the third generation on the property. Originally the property was purchased in 1858 by Joe Miller from the railroad. Joe Miller built a stagecoach stop on his property to service the Carson City/Marysville Line. The Line ran through the Feather River Canyon and the first stop on the west side of the Sierras was the ranch. Joe Miller was a gold miner and in 1968 our family found the hidden gold coins from the Miller era.

In 2000 a fire destroyed the property and several other fires since have threatened to destroy it again.

We have replanted over 2500 native conifers and oaks to bring the property back to its original beauty. We continue to care for it with stainable grazing methods to avoid future fire damage.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

aAntique trailer

aAntique trailer